Data Visualization | Remote control | Telemetry 


Web visualization platform

Access to NPE/iMod devices by means of a WWW browser

  • Remote management of the NPE/iMod computer
  • Administration of system services and applications
  • Control of I/O interfaces
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Control and execution of user commands
  • Telnet access through www
  • Log-in service and capability of using
    VPN networks and SSL encryption
  • Remote software pack updates
  • Management of GPRS connection
  • Dedicated user charts
  • Easy-to-use SDK
  • More functions coming soon

Basic information

  • NX Dynamics is a modern web visualization platform (SCADA web type)
    dedicated for cooperation with NPE/iMod series devices through an internet
  • The basic installation contains modules/control charts and charts
    monitoring the operation of the NPE computer/iMod, which include among
    others: a system resource monitor, Ethernet and GPRS configuration charts
    and management of software packs
  • Interfejs użytkownika został zaprojektowany, aby dynamicznie
    prezentować dane również na łączach o małych prędkościach transmisji tj.
    GPRS oraz minimalizować transfer danych miedzy urządzeniem a przeglądarką
  • The data presented on the charts
    always present the current status and do not require refreshing of the page
  • For the needs of visualization of very
    rapid changes in data values, e.g. downloaded from I/O input interfaces, NX
    Dynamics has effective communication with the browser, eliminating the
    effect of slow access connections

NX Dynamics SDK qualities

  • Makes it possible to tunnel telnet connections using a standard HTTP
  • Creation of new modules does not require familiarity with programming
    languages or HTML
  • The graphics editor* in the WYSIWYG
    system and DRAG&DROP technology make the creation of effectivecharts/web
    pages a pleasantexperience
  • Capability of cooperation with the iMod
  • 4 types of communications channels adapting to the type of operations
    being carried out
  • Development of the platform will cause
    new capabilities to appear, that is, operation in a VPN network, control
    through a portal or an interface for mobile devices
  • Full technical support through a dedicated portal and TechBase Solution
  • Qualities of integrated modules
  • Fast start-up with the NPE/iMod device
  • Configuration and supervision of device operation and installed
  • Management and monitoring of GPRS
    connection and DYNDNS service status
  • Remote updating of NX Dynamics software
    and of other packs
  • Access to NPE/iMod device search
  • Scanning and monitoring capability of
    devices/sensors on the 1-Wire bus
  • Access to a local database
  • Direct telnet access to a device, also
    accounting for temporary connection loss (reconnect function)
  • Full technical support through a dedicated portal and TechBase Solution

Additional information

NX Dynamics: never has control over the web been so easy and impressive.

NX Dynamics is 2 products in 1:

A ready web application for management of
NPE/iMod industrial computers.

An SDK platfrom enabling the addition of new
models designed in a graphics editor.

Both of these products use the same communication functions and advanced user
controls.  The remaining controls can be used from the Adobe Flash Builder©
graphics editor library.


NX Dynamics operates using the FLEX technology of the Adobe© company. This is
currently the most advanced and also verified web access technology, in which
the logic of the user application and output loads related to it are transferred
to the so-called client page, that is, the internet browser. This is of
fundamental significance for web access to embedded devices, the excessive
loading by user actions of which is highly inadvisable. The selected
technology guarantees that loading of the server, baing the NPE/iMod computer,
will be minimal

The second significant quality to be considered during cooperation of
automated and telemetric systems ismaintenance of as small data transfer as
. In this scope, NX Dynamics gives full control over the
transmission of data and significantly reduces it.

For communication to be effective and for the user not to have the feeling of
waiting or have to manually refresh the page, NX Dynamics offers as many as 4
methods of communication
with the device.

  • Backgroud channel  - a channel for
    cyclic downloading of values or after an event requiring such refreshing
  • Command channel
  • Long channel – e.g. a command for
    remote installation of a software pack
  • Fast channel - e.g. monitoring of
    input/output interfaces

Thanks to the fact that all the channels carry out their operations
independently, there is no e.g. blocking of refreshing of the current status by
execution of a remote pack installation in the telnet window at the same time.

Additional components

  • VPN/SSL pack makes it possible to
    encrypt transmissions and create virtual device networks
  • iMod pack makes it possible to transform an NPE computer into a
    ready telemetric solution
  • 1-Wire pack makes it possible to
    communicate with sensors and devices connected to this bus
  • postgreSQL and MySQLpackenablecommunication
    with databases
  • NPE PLC – allows for the execution
    of ladder algorithms


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