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M-BUS / RS-232 converter

MBus 10/60/400 converter is a transparent
converter from RS232 to MBus interface.

On MBus side it works as MBus master and

enable to connect maximum 10/60/400 standard MBus
receivers (slaves). It can be used with all devices equipped with MBus interface
like: heating energy meters, electric energy meters, data recorders and many
others with MBus interface. MBus 10 cansuccessfully replace PW3 Relay M-Bus level converter or any other M-Bus master

MBus 10 converter is equipped with TX, RX and Power supply LED indicators. There
are screw terminal block connectors onPower supply and MBus (5 pin) and RS232 (4 pin) side for connection.


  Download Mbus10 datasheet


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