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iMod – Telemetric module, protocol controller

Configurable automation controller (CAC) with GPRS modem*

  • Services standard protocols e.g. MODBUS,
    SNMP, MBUS, 1-Wire and SQL bases and „plug-in” systems
  • Fully configurable, does not require programming
  • Access to device hardware resources
  • Event communication
  • Unlimited number of serviceable
  • Unlimited number of text message and
    e-mail alarms**
  • Any number of data acquisition channels, access channels, message
  • Access to data through SQL/FTP/HTTP
  • Datalogger, writing in 1GB Flash memory
    or SD
  • WWW visualization in PHP or NX Dynamics technology*

Basic information

  • iMod as a telemetric module has enormous capabilities of data logging
    and access, using built-in input-output interfaces and communications
    channels such as Ethernet or GPRS for this purpose
  • Thanks to its elastic configuration,
    it fulfulls the role of a protocol controller, integrating access to devices
    and buffering data downloaded through various protocols and methods of
  • An integrated www server makes it
    possible to realize presentation and control directly from the device using
    an internet browser, and additionally, the NX Dynamics platform facilitates
    the creation of control modules on the WWW level
  • iMod is an innovative software service coupled with the NPE
    hardware-system platform developed as a fast start for implementation of
    advanced automation, monitoring, and remote supervision projects
  • Installations based on the iMod currently operate in many countries
    of the world, and thanks to the constant development of the platform and
    remote updates, it is always possible to gain access to new functionalities

Hardware properties

  • Based on the verified NPE Linux hardware
    platform for industrial computers
  • Adapted for constant operation under industrial conditions
  • Efficient, energy-saving processor using
    RISC technology
  • Rich set of I/O interfaces: including
    digital and analog inputs and outputs, RS232/RS485 serial ports, transmitter
  • Built-in Ethernet (LAN) and GPRS (WAN)*
  • Servicing of the economic 1-Wire bus
    typically used for reading of temperature sensors*
  • Possible hardware versions on special order (e.g. USB port), also with a
    logotype of the orderer (OEM versions)

Software properties

  • To use the iMod, just define the
    appropriate configuration
  • The iMod SDK based on the JAVA language
    makes it possible to add servicing of your own protocols
  • Scanning capability (in the automatic
    configuration) of devices/sensors on1-Wire oraz MBus buses
  • Servicing of events enables effective communication and makes it
    possible to save on costs of transmission
  • Thanks to buffering of data, it is
    immediately available e.g. for SCADA systems
  • Possibility of operation with expansion
    modules for the purpose of increasing the amount of available interfaces
  • Remote software updates
  • Full technical support through a dedicated portal and TechBase Solution


Typical method of use (3-function use: C-L-V)

  • protocol converter functionality (Convert)
    - downloading of data from input interfaces, Ethernet, and its subsequent
    conversion and transmission to output interfaces or GPRS to external modules
  • data logger functionality (Log) – archiving of downloaded
    data with the option of its sharing in the form of a file, database, or data
    transmission to external systems (e.g. SCADA)
  • function of access through web pages (Visualize) -
    creation of a visualization by means of an internet browser for the purpose
    of inspection and reading of processed data and alarm states

The device can be configured to fulfill the roles of typical devices such

  • PLC controllers
  • Serial port servers
  • Protocol converters
  • Programmable controllers
  • GPRS/EDGE modems
  • MODBUS Gateways
  • SNMP Agents
  • WWW servers with servicing of PHP and
    databases (WAMP)
  • Test messaging gateways
  • GPRS router, NAT
  • E-mail, FTP, SSH, VPN servers and servers of other Linux system services

Properties of adaptation to industrial conditions:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Battery-powered Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • The WatchDog function ensures control of the operation of selected
    services at the hardware level
  • Effective file systems used for FLASH memory, ensuring long,
    failure-free operation
  • A compact, durable housing made from ABS
    plastic adapted to installation on a DIN bus
  • Easy method of installation thanks to the use of disconnectable screw
  • No moving elements (ventilators, platter disks)
  • Versions with extended operating temperature ranges

Integrated GPRS/EDGE modem*

  • The modem enables transmission over the GPRS, as well as the sending and
    receiving of text messages. The iMod possesses specially designed
    hardware-software qualities ensuring the functionality and economy of the
  • In the case of problems with the stability of a connection, the modem
    module has a hard modem reset function. This ensures independence from
    problems that can arise in the modem firmware, resulting in e.g. „freezing”
    of the modem.
  • The pre-installed software ensures
    constant verification of the correctness of the GPRS connection and
    initializes it in the case of its disconnection (GPRS reconnect service)
  • The multiplexing server of the modem connection ensures 3 independent
    channels of communication with the modem. Thanks to this, it is possible to,
    among other things, send and receive text messages during GPRS transmission.
  • The capability of utilization of economic SIM cards with variable IP
    addresses thanks to the use of the DYNDNS service and further reduction of
    costs related to the GSM operator through the use of non-public IP addresses
    with VPN technology

Qualities and principles of operation

The iMod presents an innovative approach to telemetry and automated systems

The iMod is a configurable protocol controller, guaranteeing fast
start-up and full exploitation of device capabilities without the need for
writing programs. A fully configurable system reflecting typical C-L-V use (see
clarification above).  Realizes the functions of devices such as:

  • telemetric module
  • protocol converter
  • datalogger
  • autonomous controller
  • messaging (notifying) module
  • I/O module

Thanks to universal and elastic architecture and plug-in type solutions, it
can fulfill the role of a universal communications modules servicing any
user-made protocols

Distinguising features

  • Full MODBUS service – a Modbus proxy/gateway/router, many Slave
    and Master channels, buffering of temporary values
  • Alarm functions - information on events through text messages,
    e-mail, SNMP, Modbus, PUSH, SQL, and user scripts
  • Datalogger – recording of data is
    only limited by FLASH memory (1 GB) or SD card size
  • WWW Access – a standard installed
    PHP template with SQL service, and the optionally available NX Dynamics
    platform for fast creation of control and visualization charts

Operation principle

The iMod platform has been designed do as to take into consideration all
methods of communication used by modern automated and telecommunications
systems, while maintaining clarity and elasticity of the configuration. For this
purpose, 3 types of communications channels have been defined.

  • Source channel  - a channel for cyclic downloading of
    appropriately defined parameter values (e.g. Modbus Master queries other
  • Access channel – a channel giving access to iMod data (e.g.
    Modbus Slave gives access to data for a SCADA computer)
  • Message channel – communication based on events enabling
    notification e.g. in the form of text messages, email, or Modbus Push

Additional components

  • iMod SDK makes it possible to add your own protocols using
    a „plug-in” system
  • The iMod operates on the NPE Linux platform, which ensures a rich
    set of programming tools, servicing of the C, C++, and Java languages as
    well as tools for servicing of databases such as SSH, SSL, and VPN
  • NX Dynamics (optional) – allows for access to iMod data from a
    WWW browser and for construction of impressive visualization charts in a
    fast and easy way, does not require familiarity with HTML or PHP
  • NPE PLC (optional) – makes it possible to execute PLC ladder
    algorithms directly using iMod data/parameters


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