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SA TechBase offers innovative solutions for automation, telecommunications, remote surveillance, monitoring and related industries. These solutions are based on high quality equipment and software designed and manufactured by TechBase SA

Our clients are mostly systems integrators or suppliers, so we focus to the functionality provided by our products were easily modifiable and to tailor to specific requirements.


Key products are:

Complex solutions
Systems based on equipment and software are installed TechBase worldwide. We have a set of proven, ready-to-use solutions for many industries. On request, we do a feasibility study according to. provided requirements in order to propose how to implement the system, while ensuring the completion of facilities for the whole project.

technical support

We know that in addition to excellent products our customers require fast and competent technical support. Therefore, a fundamental value of our business is operating support in all matters related to our products. Our technicians supports the implementation of the project at every stage. With excellent knowledge of the equipment, as well as direct consultation we can quickly and precisely solve every problem.

Dedicated support portal

To ensure the highest quality and complete information, any technical issues, as well as service and warranty are supported through technical support portal. This ensures that all issues raised will have a smooth and orderly implementation.

Open platform

We realize how important is to adapt to the specific requirements of projects. Our products have the firmware to allow use of standard protocols and the installation of additional functionality by using the SDK tools or finished database application available in online communities.

We also provide examples and tutorials to manually add new features. We always try to use open technology standards. Among other things, why we chose Linux as a base system for our equipment and our solutions support open communication protocols such as Modbus or SNMP.

Adapting to change

In an era in which the continuous technological progress determines the new requirements, feature of modern automation systems and related should not only be able to adapt to the specific design goals, but also to changes at different stages of investment and operation of your system.

Therefore, we provide:

  • Flexibility, extensibility functionality of our products in close cooperation with our technical support departments
  • The possibility to produce modified versions of the hardware on special order
  • Software updates for the possibility of using new functionalists and services


SA TechBase is the innovation leader in its industry. Our R & D departments continuously work on improving existing products and introducing new ones. Our firmware of every month gets a new functionality. We are also working on more efficient support tools to run and manage devices. In addition to development, the priority is to maintain backwards compatibility in such a way as to allow the migration of active solutions to newer hardware and software platforms.

Made in EU

European quality – production facilities in Europe, provides the highest quality of delivered solutions.

It is possible to produce devices with logotype of customer (the OEM version).

Below are brief descriptions of our key products.

Industrial computer NPE-GPRS

NPE is a universal controller built to meet the needs of the market automation, telecommunications and embedded systems based on the new version of Linux with a number of specially designed software packages and tools.

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Download NPE datasheet

iMod – Telemetry module, protocol controller

iMod is a configurable automation controller. It is universal, does not require programming. It has the ability to support any protocol conversion, data logging

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Download iMod datasheet


Download iMod datasheet

NX Dynamics – Web visualization platform

NX Dynamics changes the way
of web visualization. This software is designed for devices NPE /
iMod to configure and control processes in an intuitive and effective way directly from the device.

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Download NX Dynamics datasheet

converters e.g. m-bus


As a complement to our solutions TechBase provides a simple peripherals
like interface converters. Particularly popular are m-bus converters.

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Download Mbus datasheet